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:how it works:

[ It only takes a few steps to access your virtual reality world ]

VirKade is the mobile virtual reality experience in which you have a variety of games to choose from the Viveport. Standard play sessions are set at 15 or 30 min.

1. visit our location


use the convenient native app to create your profile.

  • creating a profile only takes a few steps 

  • provide basic personal information such as your user name, credentials, name, & email 

  • agree to the terms and conditions as well as the liability waiver [ must have parent or guardian if under 18 ] 

  • the profile only needs to be created once and is retained as long as the user has given authorization. 

2. schedule your first session


once the profile is created and verified. the user can simply sign in to the app to schedule a session. 
while scheduling, the app will ensure the session availability for the given day.

  • system ensures available times will not overlap any other session

  • first available will ensure the earliest possible time slot 

  • the system will send a notification 10 min and 5 min prior to session via sms and email. 

  • only email will be sent in the case no phone number is provided.

3. enjoy your experience


when you arrive for your session, an associate will assist you with the equipment in your private session.

  • after the session ends, an associate will help to remove the equipment to clean and sanitize it.

  • payments can be made via PayPal, cash, and all major debit/credit

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we recommend a phone number as email can be delayed

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